Who we are


Will Buckley

Founder and CEO

Qualified Barrister…Solicitor (Olswangs)…Game Show Host (Quizbowl: Channel 4 Friday Night Prime Time)…Freelance Barrister (The Second Guinness Trial)…Comedian (Loose Ends, Edinburgh, The Gate Theatre)….Playwright (The Trial of Aaron Sherwood Radio 4)…Journalist (First columnist for GQ, The Observer for 15 years and the rest)…Novelist (The Man who Hated Football: 4th Estate)….Barrister again (Family courts on the Eastern seaboard - Boston Lincs not Boston Mass)…Journalist again (Gideon Donald column in New Statesman described by David Cameron as the least funny thing he ever read)…Founder of Match Bingo.

Martyn Bysh

Technical Adviser

Left school at 14 and became a coder when there was only one book on coding and, of course, no internet. Five times number two at the Euro Awards never Number One (The Credence Clearwater Revival of Coding). Founder of Smooch (the UKs fifth biggest dating site) and CEO of Huboo.