What we do

RTSB have invented a new way of playing bingo, while watching the nation’s most popular sports, pastimes and shows on TV. Players receive electronic bingo cards on their phones which show random events that can occur during a programme they have chosen to watch. As the events on a player’s card happen, they are marked off automatically. If a line, two lines or the card fills up first, the player wins a prize.

We market bingo games to charities as an entirely novel fundraising tool, giving them a powerful tool to re-invigorate their existing donor base and to attract new donors. At the same time, RTSB looks for other distribution partners who can help to promote its games. But whoever the partner is, a significant amount of the proceeds from game sales will go to charity.

Games for fun, at low cost, helping good causes

RTSB games are affordable and do not put a strain on people’s wallets. RTSB will not be affiliated with any gambling company and, because bingo is a game of chance not choice, no damaging gambling behaviours will be encouraged by the games. Instead bingo can once again be a sociable game played for fun with the possibility of a prize, and the added satisfaction of supporting good causes.